New book: Enhancing Digital Literacies with Adult English Language Learners

New book alert! Enhancing Digital Literacies with Adult English Language Learners - Theoretical and Practical Insights. Congratulations to DER's Dr Ekaterina Tour, who authored...

Should robots replace teachers? AI and the future of education

Neil Selwyn's new book on AI and education is now published - providing a critical overview of educational developments in AI, robotics and big data.
Impact of feedback

The Impact of Feedback in Higher Education

Michael Henderson along with colleagues from Deakin and Melbourne have a new edited collection on the topical issue of Feedback in Higher...

What Is Digital Sociology?

Neil Selwyn has a new book published with Polity Press exploring the emerging field of digital sociology.

Social Media & Education

Neil Selwyn is co-editor of a new collection of essays titled 'Social Media and Education: Now the Dust Has Settled'. The book - published by Routledge - is co-edited with Eve Stirling from Sheffield Hallam University (UK). It features essays from scholars around the world - including the UK, US, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and South Africa.

Book Chapters

Moving beyond folk pedagogies towards hybrid and blended practices

In this chapter we revisit and add to Bruner’s folk pedagogical frame, pointing to implications for practice, including the need to design for learning that considers the nature of delivery with and through technologies.
DHE book

Educational design and productive failure: stories of creative risk taking

This chapter focuses on the creative risk taking involved in educational design and is an exciting collaboration between DER member Prof Michael Henderson and...

Digital literacy in higher education

Neil Selwyn & Luci Pangrazio have a new chapter published in the Wiley/Blackwell 'International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy'. providing an overview of the digital media that are present in contemporary higher education contexts and the media literacy issues that surround them.

Chapter in Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education

Mike Phillips has a new book chapter with Judi Harris in Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education published by the Association for the Advancement...

Technology and feedback design

This chapter provides a synthesis of research into how technology can support effective feedback. The results of a systematic literature search into technology and feedback are then presented, structured around the parties involved in feedback: students, their peers, educators, and computers.

Journal Article

The temptation to cheat in online exams: moving beyond the binary discourse of cheating...

This new paper from DER member Prof Michael Henderson reveals new insights into the factors that influence the tempation to cheat in large scale...

Enhancing feedback practices within PhD supervision

This new article by DER member Prof Michael Henderson reveals some of the productive as well as challenging practices surrounding PhD supervision feedback. PhD candidates,...

Tracking technology: exploring student experiences of school datafication

New article in the Cambridge Journal of Education by DER members Luci Pangrazio, Neil Selwyn & Bronwyn Cumbo exploring student experiences of school datafication ABSTRACT The...

New article in the Harvard Educational Review

In this analytical essay, part of Harvard Educational Review’s symposium on Platform Studies in Education, Ben Williamson, Kalervo N. Gulson, Carlo Perrotta, and Kevin...

Improving instructional video design: A systematic review

New systematic literature review on instructional video design principles. Authors: Matt Fyfield, with DER members Michael Henderson and Michael Phillips The most common theoretical lens used...


new report for UNESCO ‘Futures of Education’ initiative

Neil Selwyn is the co-author of new full-length report for the UNESCO 'Futures of Education' initiative - laying out some key areas of concern and hope for the development of education and technology throughout the 2020s and beyond.

new research report – public opinions on digital technology & schools

"Public Opinions on #EdTech in Schools" - our nationally representative survey of 2000+ adults finds public to be supportive of high-tech schooling ... but concerned over classroom phone bans, parents paying for BYOD & trusting 'Big Tech' companies

Final report released for the OLT-funded Feedback for Learning project

The final report for the project Feedback for Learning – Closing the Assessment Loop has just been released. This project involved a team of...

launch of UNESCO report on ‘Digital Skills for Life & Work’

UNESCO's 'Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development' launched its report on 'Digital Skills for Life & Work' on 17​th September in New York. The report - drafted by LNM's Neil Selwyn - examines how the education sector can ensure that all people develop essential digital skills for life and work.

End-of-project report from ACCAN project now available

The final report from LNM's recent research on 'proxy' internet use has just been released. The project was conducted for ACCAN over 2015 and 2016. The project explored the ways in which people help others to make use of the internet - often involving themselves in important and/or ‘risky’ online activities – e.g. banking, personal finances and purchasing goods.