Improving instructional video design: A systematic review

Improving instructional video design: A systematic review


New systematic literature review on instructional video design principles.

Authors: Matt Fyfield, with DER members Michael Henderson and Michael Phillips

The most common theoretical lens used to design and evaluate instructional videos has been to apply principles emerging from the cognitive theory of multimedia learning. However, these principles have been largely developed from research using instructional media other than videos. In addition, there is no comprehensive list of principles that have been shown to improve learning from instructional videos. Therefore, this paper seeks to identify principles of video design that are empirically supported in the literature.

This article provides useful guidance for instructional designers creating educational video content.

In addition to describing the breadth of research in the field, this paper also found that the development of the research field suffers from a lack of coherence and is in urgent need of clear nomenclature and improved reporting of media and research design.

Fyfield, M., Henderson, M., & Phillips, M. (2022). Improving instructional video design: A systematic review. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 38(3), 150–178.

Cover image: Photo by George Milton