Moving beyond folk pedagogies towards hybrid and blended practices

In this chapter we revisit and add to Bruner’s folk pedagogical frame, pointing to implications for practice, including the need to design for learning that considers the nature of delivery with and through technologies.

New article in the Harvard Educational Review

In this analytical essay, part of Harvard Educational Review’s symposium on Platform Studies in Education, Ben Williamson, Kalervo N. Gulson, Carlo Perrotta, and Kevin...
DHE book

Educational design and productive failure: stories of creative risk taking

This chapter focuses on the creative risk taking involved in educational design and is an exciting collaboration between DER member Prof Michael Henderson and...

New book: Enhancing Digital Literacies with Adult English Language Learners

New book alert! Enhancing Digital Literacies with Adult English Language Learners - Theoretical and Practical Insights. Congratulations to DER's Dr Ekaterina Tour, who authored...

Improving instructional video design: A systematic review

New systematic literature review on instructional video design principles. Authors: Matt Fyfield, with DER members Michael Henderson and Michael Phillips The most common theoretical lens used...

New peer-reviewed article on Ai-mediated writing

DER’s Carlo Perrotta and Neil Selwyn have a new article in New Media and Society, which takes a close look at “language models”, complex...

new paper in E-Learning & Digital Media

New article from Neil Selwyn arguing that environmental sustainability is *the* prevailing issue that needs to be addressed in considering what future forms of educational technology are possible ... if not preferable.

new paper in Educational Review

A new article examining how the promises of data-driven education (such as real-time feedback, individualised nudges, self-regulated learning) remain largely incompatible with the entrenched bureaucratic and professional logics of mass schooling.

new article in British Journal of Educational Studies

Neil Selwyn, Luci Pangrazio and Bronwyn Cumbo have another article published from their ARC-funded DP research project on schools and datafication.

new report for UNESCO ‘Futures of Education’ initiative

Neil Selwyn is the co-author of new full-length report for the UNESCO 'Futures of Education' initiative - laying out some key areas of concern and hope for the development of education and technology throughout the 2020s and beyond.