New paper: Navigating four billion videos: teacher search strategies and the YouTube algorithm

Matthew Fyfield, a PhD student in the Faculty of Education at Monash University, has published a new article in Learning Media & Technology, with...

new paper: Re-imagining ‘Learning Analytics’ … A Case For Starting Again?

Neil Selwyn has a new article in the latest issue of The Internet and Higher Education offering a critical perspective on the current forms of Learning Analytics that are beginning to be implemented in higher education contexts.

new paper: The Datafication of Higher Education: Discussing the Promises & Problems

This new paper in TiHE presents a lengthy conversation between DER's Neil Selwyn and Dragan Gasevic on the pros and cons of education data and learning analytics.

new BJET article: “Banning mobile phones from classrooms”

Neil Selwyn & Jesper Aagaard have a new paper out in BJET - "Banning mobile phones from classrooms—An opportunity to advance understandings of technology addiction, distraction and cyberbullying"

new article in Pedagogy, Culture & Society

Luci Pangrazio and Neil Selwyn have a new article in Pedagogy, Culture & Society that overviews their recent series of projects examining young people's understandings of the role that digital data now plays in their everyday lives

What’s the problem with learning analytics?

The Journal of Learning Analytics has just published a written version of Neil Selwyn's LAK17 Keynote outline some concerns over the values and politics of data-driven analytics technologies as they are implemented along mass lines throughout school and university contexts.

What does it look like when teachers ‘get better’ with technology integration?

A new article by PhD student Ralph Saubern, Daniel Urbach from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Professor Matthew Koehler from Michigan...

Empowering learners with personalised learning approaches? Agency, equity and transparency in the context of...

New research published in Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education from Dr Yi-Shan Tsai (University of Edinburgh), in collaboration with DER members...

What might the school of 2030 be like? An exercise in social science fiction

Neil Selwyn, Luci Pangrazio, Selena Nemorin and Carlo Perrotta have a new article in Learning, Media and Technology, part of a Special...

Should robots replace teachers? AI and the future of education

Neil Selwyn's new book on AI and education is now published - providing a critical overview of educational developments in AI, robotics and big data.