Digital empowerment and refugee settlement symposium 2023

This online research symposium brought together international and transdisciplinary scholars to better understand how people from refugee backgrounds navigate digital experiences across different aspects...
AMEP Digital literacies frameworkvideo

Digital literacies for refugees and migrants

The AMEP Digital Literacies Framework and Guide supports the work of AMEP institutions and teachers aspiring to equip their learners with a useful repertoire of digital literacies required for settlement and gaining employment in Australia.

Shaping UNESCO’s digital citizenship programs in the Asia-Pacific.

DER and the Digital Transformation Lab have been awarded a research contract with UNESCO Bangkok Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education. A team,...

Leading Virtual Learning Teacher Course

Every teacher is different, which suggests that professional learning needs to be catered to the needs of each individual. This research project...

Tech Beavers

What will you be when you grow up? Exploring the impact of peer role-modelling on young women’s openness...

Monash Virtual School

The Monash Virtual School initiative was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic which saw large scale moves to virtual teaching and learning. This...

ARC Linkage Success!

Congratulations to Michael Henderson and DER Fellow Susan Edwards (ACU), along with colleagues from ACU (lead), Deakin, Curtin and LaTrobe. The Linkage...

New funded research: teachers’ digital work

Neil Selwyn is part of a research team led by Gothenburg University, who have just been awarded a Swedish Research Council grant to explore how the digitisation of schools and schooling is impacting teachers' work-life balance.

New ARC funding success!

We are very pleased to have been awarded one of the 2019 'Discovery' grants from the Australian Research Council.  A team of DER researchers (Neil Selwyn, Dragan Gasevic, Michael Henderson and Luci Pangrazio) has been awarded $352k for their project 'Data-smart schools: enhancing the use of digital data in secondary schools'. 

new research project: 3D datasets from Ancient Cultures

LNM is excited to be part of a newly-funded collaborative research project with colleagues from Monash’s ‘Centre for Ancient Cultures’ and from Museums Victoria. The project – funded by the ‘Robert Blackwood Research Seed Scheme’ – is focusing on the the educational possibilities of using digitized artefacts in various classroom and community settings.