Leading Virtual Learning Teacher Course

Leading Virtual Learning Teacher Course


Every teacher is different, which suggests that professional learning needs to be catered to the needs of each individual. This research project meets an immediate demand – increased capability in leading virtual learning – while also generating a new method for individualising professional learning. This project represents a world first in developing and implementing a curriculum diagnostic system based in the emerging psychometric field of Epistemic Network Analysis.

Through this project, teachers will be better able to effectively design, facilitate and assess with online educational technologies when teaching in virtual learning environments. Teachers will experience, practise and critique the design of both synchronous and asynchronous digital technologies, materials, activities and assessments. The individualised nodes within the learning course will be informed by the mapping of epistemic elements (such as values, practices and knowledge) over time.

This new way of understanding individual professional learning needs will enable a new way of tailoring individual learning pathways allowing participants to draw on appropriate materials that will be fully integrated into existing Departmental resources, policies and initiatives.