Exemplar Schools: Digistories of using innovative learning technologies

Exemplar Schools: Digistories of using innovative learning technologies



The aim of this study was to identify and document exemplary use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Australian schools. Six schools were identified in consultation with the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and included sites from Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart. At each school interviews were conducted with principals, teachers, parents and students. The data collected were analysed to identify effective, sustainable and embedded applications of ICT across all curriculum areas with a particular focus on the key areas of literacy and numeracy.

Project status: Complete


Project Members

  • Bernard Holkner
  • Geoff Romeo
  • Michael Henderson
  • Glenn Auld
  • Glenn Russell
  • Wee Tiong Seah
  • Anthony Fernando

Project Website – including report and digistories

Site URL: http://newmediaresearch.educ.monash.edu.au/exemplar

In total, eleven digistories were developed to highlight exemplary applications of ICT in the following areas:
  1. Student Generated Digital Video
  2. Virtual Learning Environments
  3. Interactive Whiteboards
  4. Digital Newsletters
  5. WebQuests
  6. Local and Global Connections
  7. Futures Perspective
  8. Professional Learning
  9. Leadership and School Organisation
  10. Community Engagement
  11. Digital Resources
In addition to identifying and documenting exemplary ICT practice in Australian schools, this study provides further evidence to support the view that each school is an unique learning community and that educational research should not focus on trying to identify a ‘one size fits all’ approach to using ICT in schools. Instead, we advocate an approach based on adopting ‘appropriate practice’ as determined by the particular needs of each learning community.