Dr Luci Pangrazio

Deakin University

Dr Anne Harris

Faculty of Education, Monash University

Dr Selena Nemorin

University College London

Dr Ibrahim Latheef

Dr Ibrahim Latheef is a teacher and researcher in ICT and Digital technologies in education. Research interests Dr Ibrahim Latheef's research interest lies in the use...

A/Prof Andrew Hope

School of Education, University of Adelaide

Associate Professor Phillip Dawson

Associate Director, Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning, Deakin University

Dr Michael Morgan

Michael has been researching in the field of educational technology and is well recognised within Monash for his innovative approach to ICTE. He is...

Prof Geoff Romeo

Professor Romeo has a PhD from Monash University and has conducted research into the development of instructional strategies for the integration of ICTs in...

Dr Donna Gronn

Dr Donna Gronn is a senior lecturer in Education specialising in ICT Education. She is also the ACU Faculty of Education eLearning coordinator. Donna is a trained primary...

Prof Susan Edwards

Susan Edwards is Professor of Education in the Learning Sciences Institute of Australia (LSIA), Australian Catholic University, where she currently directs the Early Childhood...