Dr Tracii Ryan

Dr Tracii Ryan


Tracii Ryan

Dr Tracii Ryan is a Research Fellow in the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education at The University of Melbourne.

Her research expertise bridges the disciplines of psychology and education. Tracii also has expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, particularly in the areas of survey design, focus groups, and systematic reviews.

Between 2011 and 2015, the main focus of Tracii’s research was on the human uses of technology, with a specific focus on cyberpsychology (the interrelation between human behaviour and technology use). Since 2016, Tracii’s research focus has centred more explicitly on higher education, with research projects and publications in the areas of assessment feedback, technology-enabled learning, student wellbeing, sustainable teaching and learning strategies, the socioemotional aspects of learning, and self-regulated learning.

As part of her role at the Melbourne CSHE, Tracii provides conceptual and methodological input into a range of internally and externally funded research projects undertaken by the Learning, Teaching and Assessment, Technology-Enhanced Learning, and Student Experience Research Programs.

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