Funding Success – R&D of Assessment Feedback

Funding Success – R&D of Assessment Feedback


MsquaredLNM Members A/Prof Michael Henderson and Dr Michael Phillips have been awarded $133,000 to research and develop effective and sustainable assessment feedback practices. A large proportion of this work will explore the potential for technology mediated feedback.

This project aims to tackle an often under-considered problem in education: feedback is under-utilised and often misunderstood by both students and educators despite it being a critical component of students’ effective decision making, and the basis of improved learning outcomes.

Over the last seven years both researchers have explored the potential of individualised multimodal feedback on assessment (namely audio, video and screencast). The highly encouraging results of this work has resulted in considerable interest in the higher education sector internationally. The same research is also being conducted in the school sector with similarly positive outcomes. The use of rich media to better explain, as well as leverage pedagogical relationships, results in students reporting that the feedback is clearer, more caring and more actionable. However, it is unlikely that the modality is a silicon bullet for feedback. A part of this project will explore the implications of using different modalities across disciplines, as well as the implications of new and emerging technologies.

More information about Henderson and Phillips’ ongoing work in multimodal feedback for assessment can be found here.

Image credit: Melvin Gaal (CC BY-NC 2.0)