Distrusting Educational Technology: critical questions for changing times

Distrusting Educational Technology: critical questions for changing times


Neil Selwyn
Year of publication: 2014

distrusting_edtechNeil Selwyn’s new book – ‘Distrusting Educational Technology‘ – is now out. The book offers a riposte to the over-optimistic and under-politicized ways that education and digital technology are often talked about. Drawing on a variety of theoretical and empirical perspectives, this book shows how apparently neutral forms of educational technology have actually served to align educational provision and practices with neoliberal values, thereby eroding the nature of education as a public good and moving it instead toward the individualistic tendencies of twenty-first century capitalism.

Following a wide-ranging interrogation of the ideological dimensions of educational technology, this book examines in detail specific types of digital technology in use in education today, including virtual education, ‘open’ courses, digital games, and social media. It then concludes with specific recommendations for fairer forms of educational technology. An ideal read for anyone interested in the fast-changing nature of contemporary education, Distrusting Educational Technology comprises an ambitious and much-needed critique.