What constitutes ‘expertise’ in the digital age?

What constitutes ‘expertise’ in the digital age?


Nicola F. Johnson
Year of publication: 2014



The exponential development of the Internet and the techno-cultural contexts in which we now live means that information is constantly being accessed. This has led to a demand for “expert” knowledge, but has also led to an arbitrary ascription of expertise within online and popular discourses. Using old words to describe new phenomena is limited as it anticipates what is important and what can be classified. The attribution of expertise within popular/everyday and online discourse remains arbitrary despite the notable literature, and because “expert” is an ongoing social construct, I argue for more investigative research to be conducted.

Johnson, N. F. (2013, published June 2014). What’s wrong with labeling experts? Information Technology, Education & Society, 14(1), 51-60. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7459/ites/14.1.05