LNM in Spain

LNM in Spain


Neil Selwyn is giving a short series of talks in Spain toward the end of October.

On Tuesday 25th October he will be speaking in Madrid as part of the Fundación Teléfonica lecture series on ‘Un nuevo docente para transformar la educación’. Neil’s talk will be on ‘Una nueva cultura del aprendizaje’ (A new culture of learning) (1830-2100).

On Thursday 27th October, Neil will be speaking as part of the Encuenros 2016 conference in Barcelona. This keynote will be a conversation about schools and technology with Cristobal Cobo from Uruguay’s Plan Ceibel Foundation.

On Friday 28th October, Neil will give a seminar at the University of Barcelona for the Postgrado Interuniversitario de Psicología de la Educación group. This talk is titled: ‘Is Technology Good for Education?’.