Dr Jo Blannin

Dr Jo Blannin


Dr Blannin is a senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Monash University.

As a sought-after international leader in digital pedagogies and STEM education, Dr Blannin offers a 20+ year career in educational innovation and change leadership. Her current role at Monash University is as Senior Lecturer, Digital Transformations. Her previous roles include leadership positions in schools, education systems, banking, business, outdoor education and private consultancy.

As a higher education teacher, Jo has been recognised as providing models of best practice in innovative teaching as well as an ongoing engagement with research through University and international awards. Her background in education and teaching in three countries and in two languages means she consistently brings research and evidence-based practices into her work to the benefit of both my students, research partners and my colleagues.

Dr Blannin’s Key Research Areas include:

  • Pedagogical use of technology in educational settings for improved learner outcomes.
  • Engaging in the effective pedagogic use of innovative learning environments for enhanced learning outcomes.
  • Development of teacher agency and efficacy for technology use.
  • Preparing learners to be digitally literate through tertiary education.
  • Leading change in large organisations.
  • The place of technology in STEM education.

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