Funding success – Going online on behalf of others: an investigation...

Funding success – Going online on behalf of others: an investigation of ‘proxy’ internet consumers


ACCAN_logo_BLUE_squareWe are pleased to announce a new project on ‘proxy’ internet use has been funded by ACCAN – the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network.

The project will run from 2015 to 2016 – the lead investigators are Neil Selwyn and Nicola Johnson.

The project will focus on adults who do not directly consume internet services but instead rely on informal ‘proxy’ users – i.e. others that go online on their behalf. The research project will therefore explore:

  • Who these proxy users are (their relationships with the people they assist; technology expertise, social networks etc.);
  • The internet activities that are conducted on behalf of others;
  • Reasons and motivations for acting as a proxy internet user;
  • Enablers and/or barriers faced by proxy users in providing effective assistance;
  • How these proxy users might be supported (e.g. resources; training; support networks).