EDF5648 – Instructional design: Harnessing digital technologies for learning

EDF5648 – Instructional design: Harnessing digital technologies for learning



In this unit we focus on HOW to design effective use of digital technologies for learning.


This unit is directed at educators across school, tertiary, workplace and community settings who are grappling with how best to design, facilitate and assess the use of educational technologies in teaching and learning. To support this, the unit explores theories, models and practical strategies of instructional design that are drawn from cognitive and behavioural psychology, sociocultural theory and emerging models of digital engagement. Students are immersed in a collaborative and student-centred environment as they experience, practise and critique the design of digital technologies, materials, activities and assessments. This unit has a special focus on online teaching and learning but also explores instructional issues relating to emerging technologies and practices, for example, social media, digital games, mobile devices, virtual worlds and augmented reality. The unit is designed for all students regardless of their familiarity with computers.

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