Dr Wee Tiong Seah

Dr Wee Tiong Seah


wee_tiongWee Tiong is an Associate Professor of Mathematics in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Before embarking on a career as an academic, Wee Tiong has had extensive professional experience in mathematics teaching and pastoral care across a range of school settings in Singapore and Australia.

Wee Tiong’s research interests include the harnessing of socio-cultural factors in the teaching of mathematics. These include values of students, teachers, parents, etc as they relate to mathematics pedagogy. He currently coordinates a multinational research team in a series of research studies relating to the harnessing of values to promote more effective teaching and learning of maths in schools. These activities are all part of the Third Wave research project which Wee Tiong set up in 2008.

Wee Tiong has been active in the mathematics education research arena in Australia, East and Southeast Asia. Meaningful and personal engagements with colleagues have resulted in the conduct of collaborative research and consultancy activities in no less than 8 countries in these regions over the last few years. Within Australia, Wee Tiong is also member of the federal governments Expert Advisory and Research Group, providing advice in matters relating to the teaching and learning of mathematics and numeracy in schools.

Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Wee_Tiong_Seah