DER in Deutschland

DER in Deutschland


DER will be well-represented in the European conference season. We will  be attending the European Conference on Education Research (ECER) in September with three different projects:

  • Carlo Perrotta will be presenting a paper on “AI and the remaking of European higher education: tracing the translation of machine learning into university settings”
  • Deana Leahy is presenting her work on teacher influences and social media edu-celebrities: “Teachers as Policy Entrepreneurs: PE’s Brave New Digital World”
  • Luci Pangrazio will be presenting a paper on her data literacy work: “Data Smart? The challenges of ‘doing’ critical data literacy in schools”

Luci then goes onto the Data Power biannual conference in Bremen where she will be presenting two papers with Neil Selwyn, including the first paper from the ARC-funded ‘Data Smart Schools’ project:

  • “Racing the mundane in/securities of the datafied school”
  • “Data savvy or data safe? The difficulty of supporting children’s critical data literacies”

Congratulations to all involved – we will arrange a ‘preview session’ in August where these papers can be premiered before everyone goes north!