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News Item

ARC Linkage Success!

Congratulations to Michael Henderson and DER Fellow Susan Edwards (ACU), along with colleagues from ACU (lead), Deakin, Curtin and LaTrobe. The Linkage...

Children + Participatory Design + Sustainable Futures Symposium

We would like to invite researchers to the Children + Participatory Design + Sustainable Futures Symposium 2020 @...

Gestural music in education

There is a growing global movement within education to incorporate the Arts into the STE(A)M curriculum. Teachers are looking for new ways...

What’s next for education in the digital age? Critical hopes and concerns for the...

DER is part of a consortium of research groups from the UK, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Spain and Australia that has just produced a brief ‘manifesto’ outlining six substantial digital challenges that education will need to address over the 2020s.

DER researchers featured in the best of The Conversation 2019

Congrats to DER's Christine Grove and Neil Selwyn - who both have articles selected for The Conversation's '2019 Yearbook' - an annual show-case of the 50 'standout articles' from The Conversation from across the year.

Facial recognition technology in schools: critical questions & concerns

New article from Neil Selwyn & Mark Andrejevic examining the emerge of facial recognition and facial detection technologies into schools.

Participatory Design approaches to research

Listen to DER's Bronwyn Cumbo talk about the benefits of using participatory design approaches - an emerging trend in research around digital technologies stemming from the field of HCI.

Digital distraction in the classroom

Listen to current DER visiting scholar Dr. Jesper Aagaard talk about his research into digital device use in Danish classrooms, and the growing phenomenon of digital 'distraction'.

Governing doubt: Automated education and explainable Artificial Intelligence

A new DER seminar based on forthcoming work from Professor Kalervo Gulson. 12 Nov 2019 | 1pm to 2pm...

What matters to students in digital learning contexts?

By Maria Hvid Stenalt A key objective when interweaving digital technology into higher education...