ACEC 2014 Best Paper Award

ACEC 2014 Best Paper Award


ACEC2014Congratulations to LNM members Dr Michael Henderson, Dr Glenn Auld (Deakin) and Dr Nicola F. Johnson (FedUni) for receiving the Best Paper Award 2014 in the Redefining Education Strand, Australian Computers in Education Conference (ACEC). The paper is entitled, “Ethics of Teaching with Social Media”..

Ethics of Teaching with Social Media


This paper goes beyond the commonly held concerns of Internet safety, such as cyberbullying. Instead, it explores the ethical dilemmas we face as teachers when using social media, in particular social networks, in the classroom. We believe old ideas of respect and culture of care for children and young people need to be reconstructed around new media. This paper draws on the authors’ experience in teaching with, and researching students’ use of, social media in the classroom. In this paper we explore the ethical issues of consent, traceability, and public/private boundaries. We tackle the complex issue of the rights around virtual identities of the students followed by a discussion on the ethics of engaging students in public performance of curriculum and their lives. Finally we discuss the ethical dilemma involved in recognising and responding to illicit activity. While we reflect on our own response to these dilemmas and propose a dialogic process as the way forward, we also return to the argument that these ethical choices are dilemmas in which most, if not all, options are unpalatable or impracticable.

Conference: ACEC2014, Adelaide, 30 Sep – 3rd Oct –