Academic Work In The Digital Age

Academic Work In The Digital Age


screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-8-55-08-pmNeil Selwyn is speaking on ‘Academic Work In The Digital Age’ at the ‘Disrupting Higher Education Dialogues’ conference at Deakin University, Melbourne on Friday 25th November.

The three day event features a host of well-known speakers specialising in the area of higher education and neoliberalisation.

Pat Thomson will be speaking on the ‘The Uberisaton of Academic Advice’. Other speakers include Trevor Gale, Louise Morley, Fazal Rizvi, Terri Seddon, Radhika Gorur, Rebecca Lund and Jill Blackmore. The event kicks off with a public lecture on ‘What Future of the 21st Century University?’.

Further details here.