Opinion or editorial blog entries from members and other scholars

Opinion or editorial blog entries from members and other scholars

Monash’s Faculty of Education (and the DER group) and Padova University (UNIPD) partner up!

As researchers and educators, we often feel ambivalent towards the constant emphasis on impact that dominates many discussions in the academy. We...

Algorithmic bias and fairness in education: a (very brief) primer

Carlo Perrotta Algorithmic bias, understood as the tendency of computational systems to reflect the...

Emergency Ed-Tech

One key ‘essential’ use of technology in education over the next few decades might well be for crisis situations. This was certainly...

Facing up to the dilemma of sustainable digital futures

How can we balance our desire to help all young people become actively engaged in digital lifestyles, with the long-term environmental unsustainability of current technology use?

Remote schooling and the rise of alternate ‘teachers’

Many students have come into contact with a wide range of other ‘teachers’ during their remote schooling. Tellingly, many of these extra-curricular services might well persist into how some families choose to engage with schooling in the future. If so, what might this mean for traditional schools and what we perceive as the ‘teaching profession?

The perils of algorithmic assessment

Critics have long highlighted the tendency for data-driven systems to reinforce disadvantage and oppression in most public services – from housing to the criminal justice system. There is little reason to expect our school systems and educational data science to be any different.

Colour-blind learning analytics improve the success of marginalised groups. What’s not to like?

Carlo Perrotta  Featured image: Edited cover illustration to the "Complete Version of ye Three Blind Mice" from the Library of Congress. From Stuart Rankin on...

TECHLASH #1 is out – digital education after COVID-19

TECHLASH is a "zine" -- a self-published and internet-distributed outlet focused on rapid-fire analyses of critical issues in education, technology and society. The first...

Post-pandemic priorities … learning EdTech lessons from COVID-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has thrown digital technology and education into the spotlight. Now, some people are beginning to start thinking beyond the current upheavals, and consider the post-pandemic implications for education. Here are five initial guesses at how our approaches to education and technology might change …

Feminist Pedagogy in a Time of Coronavirus Pandemic

The FemTechNet network's recent statement of ‘Feminist Pedagogy in a Time of Coronavirus Pandemic’ is a welcome counterpoint to the tech-centric (and largely a-critical) advice that educators are currently being pushed in the wake of COVID-19.