Dr Scott Bulfin

Dr Scott Bulfin


I’m a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Monash University where I study young people’s use of digital media and the implications this has for English and literacy learning across a range of contexts like school and home (I have a range of other interests – see below).

I teach in the Faculty’s secondary teacher education program, and its honours and masters programs. I’m also currently the Faculty’s Honours Course Leader. I supervise honours, masters and PhD projects and would be happy to speak to potential research students.

Before coming to Monash I was a secondary school English teacher. In addition to my work at Monash, I’m a National Council member for the Australian Association for the Teaching of English (AATE). I have four young children (three sons and a daughter) and live in idyllic Bayswater amongst the factories at the foot of the Dandenongs in Melbourne.

I tweet at @scottbulfin @englishteachers and @LNM_Monash

Research interests:

  • Language and literacy in and out of school
  • Digital technology in secondary schools
  • Critical and sociological approaches to technology
  • English teaching theory, practice, and curriculum change
  • Narrative; ethnography; discourse analysis

Current research & writing activities


Recent journal articles and chapters

Bulfin, S., Henderson, M. & Johnson, N. F. (2013), Examining the use of theory within educational technology and media research. Learning, Media & Technology, 38(3), 337-344 DOI:10.1080/17439884.2013.790315

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Recent books

Bulfin, S., Johnson, N., & Bigum, C. (forthcoming) Killer apps: Critical perspectives on education and technology. Palgrave Macmillan.

Bulfin, S. & McGraw, K. (2011) Texts, practices and technologies: An English in Australia Special issue. English in Australia, 46(3).

Recent reports, presentations and other writing

Bulfin, S. Parr, G. & Bellis, N. (2013). English teaching, standards-based reforms and the technological fix. Paper presented at the IAIMTE Conference, 10-13 June, Paris, France.

Parr, G. & Bulfin, S. (2013). Writing, professional learning and identity work. Paper presented at the IAIMTE Conference, 10-13 June, Paris, France.

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