6 ways to use video in class

6 ways to use video in class


Teachers source 85% of their instructional videos from YouTube. But what makes the videos educational, rather than just a time-filler?

Matt Fyfield is a PhD student in the DER group and has been highlighted by the Faculty of Education at Monash for his ground-breaking work in this area.

A small taster can be found at: https://www.monash.edu/education/teachspace/articles/6-ways-to-use-video-effectively-in-class

Matt’s work focuses on the nexus between multimedia design principles derived from experimental research and the everyday realities of secondary school classroom practice. In particular, he explores how teachers choose and use instructional videos in the age of algorithmically driven streaming platforms. He asks what cognitive theories can offer to teachers engaged in this practice, and what their reasoning, situated in reality not a lab, can offer to these theories.