Dr Michael Morgan

Dr Michael Morgan


Michael has been researching in the field of educational technology and is well recognised within Monash for his innovative approach to ICTE. He is member of several research groups.

  • Member and a Lead Researcher in COSI Research Centre, Faculty of IT Monash University
  • Deputy Director (Berwick) and Member of CMCCAR Research Centre, Faculty of IT Monash University
  • Member of CERG Research Group, Faculty of IT Monash University
  • Associate Member of RILE Research Group, Faculty of Education University of Wollongong

Research interests:

  1. Distributed Cognition
  2. Activity Theory
  3. Mediating Artefacts
  4. Affordances
  5. The area of educational multimedia, especially:
    1. Applying distributed cognition to learning theory including embedding interaction strategies into the interfaces of learning tools.
    2. Using activity theory to studying the affordances of mediating artefacts (ICT) used in learning contexts